• What is the difference between hard work and smart work? -
HR Interview

Points to remember:

  • Assume, now you are sitting in front of the HR manager.
1. Shubham Kumar Kaushal said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Smart work comes from hard work that what you had done before that will help you out to choose a smart way. Because if we hadn't done a hard word before so we can't even imagine the things that we are looking for. Smart work is come from past experience, with a planned manner, mental ability and good effort towards the goal.

2. Mangaleswaran said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Hard work is the creativity of thinks and extraordinary working power. Smart work is ordinary thinking power and regular activities.

3. Raam Meena said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Observe the task or work then put effort is smart work without observing just put effort is hard work. Hard work will be smart work if use strength with knowing about the work.

4. Narmada said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Hard work: without any plan. Smart work: with planned manner.

5. Lalit Singh said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Hard work means doing work with willpower and it provides experience. Smart work means to find out an easy and simple way to do work in less time, it comes from experience.