Which of command is used to copy a file?

A. copy
B. cp
C. cpio
D. tar
E. None of the above


The special shell variable $* is used

A. to exit status of ast command executed.
B. to process number of the current shell
C. to list the positional parameters
D. to name the command being executed
E. None of the above


The cat command is used to

A. capture a file
B. display a file
C. print a file
D. copy a file
E. None of the above


The UNIX file system stores a data in physical blocks of

A. 1024 bytes
B. 2048 bytes
C. 512 bytes
D. 256 bytes
E. None of the above


Which command is used to terminate all processes in your own system except the login shell?

A. kill 1
B. kill 0
C. cancel all
D. cancel 1
E. None of the above