Which command is used to assign only read permission to all three categories of the file 'note'?

A. chmod go+r note
B. chmod a-rw
C. chmod ugo=r note
D. chmod u+r,g+r,o-x note
E. None of the above


Which command will be used with vi editor to append text at end of line?

A. A
B. a
C. i
D. I
E. None of the above


The first set of the three permissions (rw) pertains to the owner of the file, indicating that the owner has

A. executable permission only
B. write and executable permissions
C. both read and executable permissions.
D. both read and write permissions
E. None of the above


Which of the following commands is used to save the output of the who command in a file named user.lst, as well as display it?

A. who | tee user.lst
B. who > user.lst
C. who >> user.lst
D. who < user.lste
E. None of the above


Which of the following shell's wildcards are used to match any number of characters including none?

A. [ijk]
B. [!ijk]
C. ?
D. *
E. None of the above