A is three times as old as B. C was twice-as old as A four years ago. In four years' time, A will be 31. What are the present ages of B and C ?

A. 9, 46
B. 9, 50
C. 10, 46
D. 10, 50


Today is Varun's birthday. One year, from today he will be twice as old as he was 12 years ago. How old is Varun today ?

A. 20 years
B. 22 years
C. 25 years
D. 27 years


A bird shooter was askgd how many birds he had in the bag. He replied that there were all sparrows but six, all pigeons but six, and all ducks but six. How many birds he had in the bag in all?

A. 9
B. 18
C. 27
D. 36


Mr. Johnson was to earn £ 300 and a free holiday for seven weeks' work. He worked for only 4 weeks and earned £ 30 and a free holiday. What was the value of the holiday?

A. £ 300
B. £ 330
C. £ 360
D. £ 420


What is the smallest number of ducks that could swim in this formation - two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck and a duck between two ducks ?

A. 3
B. 5
C. 7
D. 9