1.  Applying for Seasonal Employment occurs when a person requests to be considered for a job that is dependent on a particular season or time of year. Which situation below is the best example of Applying for Seasonal Employment?
A. The ski instructors at Top of the Peak Ski School work from December through March.
B. Matthew prefers jobs that allow him to work outdoors.
C. Lucinda makes an appointment with the beach resort restaurant manager to interview for the summer waitressing position that was advertised in the newspaper.
D. Doug's ice cream shop stays open until 11 p.m. during the summer months.

2.  Violating an Apartment Lease occurs when a tenant does something prohibited by the legally binding document that he or she has signed with a landlord. Which situation below is the best example of Violating an Apartment Lease?
A. Tim has decided to move to another city, so he calls his landlord to tell him that he is not interested in renewing his lease when it expires next month.
B. Valerie recently lost her job and, for the last three months, has neglected to pay her landlord the monthly rent they agreed upon in writing when she moved into her apartment eight months ago.
C. Mark writes a letter to his landlord that lists numerous complaints about the apartment he has agreed to rent for two years.
D. Leslie thinks that her landlord is neglecting the building in which she rents an apartment. She calls her attorney to ask for advice.

3.  An Informal Gathering occurs when a group of people get together in a casual, relaxed manner. Which situation below is the best example of an Informal Gathering?
A. The book club meets on the first Thursday evening of every month.
B. After finding out about his promotion, Jeremy and a few coworkers decide to go out for a quick drink after work.
C. Mary sends out 25 invitations for the bridal shower she is giving for her sister.
D. Whenever she eats at the Mexican restaurant, Clara seems to run into Peter.

4.  People speculate when they consider a situation and assume something to be true based on inconclusive evidence. Which situation below is the best example of Speculation ?
A. Francine decides that it would be appropriate to wear jeans to her new office on Friday after reading about "Casual Fridays" in her employee handbook.
B. Mary spends thirty minutes sitting in traffic and wishes that she took the train instead of driving.
C. After consulting several guidebooks and her travel agent, Jennifer feels confident that the hotel she has chosen is first-rate.
D. When Emily opens the door in tears, Theo guesses that she's had a death in her family.

5.  Posthumous Publication occurs when a book is published after the author's death. Which situation below is the best example of Posthumous Publication ?
A. Richard's illness took his life before he was able to enjoy the amazing early reviews of his novel.
B. Melissa's publisher cancels her book contract after she fails to deliver the manuscript on time.
C. Clarence never thought he'd live to see the third book in his trilogy published.
D. Elizabeth is honored with a prestigious literary award for her writing career and her daughter accepts the award on behalf of her deceased mother.