Suppose that you would like to create an instance of a new Map that has an iteration order that is the same as the iteration order of an existing instance of a Map. Which concrete implementation of the Map interface should be used for the new instance?

A. TreeMap
B. HashMap
C. LinkedHashMap
D. The answer depends on the implementation of the existing instance.


Which class does not override the equals() and hashCode() methods, inheriting them directly from class Object?

A. java.lang.String
B. java.lang.Double
C. java.lang.StringBuffer
D. java.lang.Character


Which collection class allows you to grow or shrink its size and provides indexed access to its elements, but whose methods are not synchronized?

A. java.util.HashSet
B. java.util.LinkedHashSet
C. java.util.List
D. java.util.ArrayList


Which interface does java.util.Hashtable implement?

A. Java.util.Map
B. Java.util.List
C. Java.util.HashTable
D. Java.util.Collection


Which interface provides the capability to store objects using a key-value pair?

A. Java.util.Map
B. Java.util.Set
C. Java.util.List
D. Java.util.Collection