An example of a global allocation problem is

A. defining plant capacities
B. scheduling an entire development project
C. setting general inventory guidelines
D. All of the above
E. None of the above


Actuarial accounting systems are associated with the _____ industry.

A. insurance
B. reliable
C. consistent
D. exhaustive
E. None of the above


Which of the following is part of the decision-making process?

A. problem identification
B. alternative selection
C. problem recognition
D. action
E. all of the above


The Management Information System (MIS) provides timely and effective information to support decision making and other necessary management functions. Can you point out the sub-system which does not being to the MIS?

A. Operational Tectical System
B. Decision Support System (DSS)
C. Data Communication System
D. Automated Office System
E. None of the above


An _____ system has a stored knowledge base and an inference engine.

A. expert
B. centers
C. control
E. None of the above