• .NET Framework - General Questions

Which of the following assemblies can be stored in Global Assembly Cache?

A. Private Assemblies
B. Friend Assemblies
C. Shared Assemblies
D. Public Assemblies
E. Protected Assemblies


Code that targets the Common Language Runtime is known as

A. Unmanaged
B. Distributed
C. Legacy
D. Managed Code
E. Native Code


Which of the following statements is correct about the .NET Framework?

A. .NET Framework uses DCOM for achieving language interoperability.
B. .NET Framework is built on the DCOM technology.
C. .NET Framework uses DCOM for making transition between managed and unmanaged code.
D. .NET Framework uses DCOM for creating unmanaged applications.
E. .NET Framework uses COM+ services while creating Distributed Applications.


Which of the following is the root of the .NET type hierarchy?

A. System.Object
B. System.Type
C. System.Base
D. System.Parent
E. System.Root


Which of the following benefits do we get on running managed code under CLR?

  1. Type safety of the code running under CLR is assured.
  2. It is ensured that an application would not access the memory that it is not authorized to access.
  3. It launches separate process for every application running under it.
  4. The resources are Garbage collected.

A. Only 1 and 2
B. Only 2, 3 and 4
C. Only 1, 2 and 4
D. Only 4
E. All of the above