• Why do you want to work at our company? -
HR Interview

Points to remember:

  • Assume, now you are sitting in front of the HR manager.
6. Praveen said: (28 Aug 2016)  
As a MBA graduate, I want to do a job in reputed company like yours because of it helpful to enhance my knowledge and skills it helpful to growth my career. Comments:Susi :

7. Vinod Vs said: (28 Aug 2016)  
It's a passion of being a part of your company.

8. Ben Ufondu said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Sir, I will like to work in this company because I will give to the best of my ability to make this company attains it's greater height and also making it the most respected and most preferable amongst other companies.

9. Amanmwangwa said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Because I have a specific talent that could help your company to improve.

10. R. Sangeetha said: (28 Aug 2016)  
My life ambition is to work for the multinational companies. So I want to work in your company.