Six friends are sitting in a circle and are facing the centre of the circle. Deepa is between Prakash and Pankaj. Priti is between Mukesh and Lalit. Prakash and Mukesh are opposite to each other.

Who is sitting right to Prakash ?

A. Mukesh
B. Deepa
C. Pankaj
D. Lalit


Who is just right to Pankaj ?

A. Deepa
B. Lalit
C. Prakash
D. Priti


Who are the neighbours of Mukesh ?

A. Prakash and Deepa
B. Deepa and Priti
C. Priti and Pankaj
D. Lalit and Priti


Who is sitting opposite to Priti ?

A. Prakash
B. Deepa
C. Pankaj
D. Lalit