31.  What is a SQL view? Briefly explain the use of views.

32.  Explain the "paradigm mismatch" between SQL and application programming languages.

33.  Name four applications for triggers.

34.  What are stored procedures, and how do they differ from triggers?

35.  What are the advantages of using stored procedures?

36.  Why is database redesign necessary?

37.  What is the difference between a correlated subquery and a regular subquery?

38.  What is a dependency graph?

39.  Explain how to add a NOT NULL column to a table.

40.  You have two tables, EMPLOYEE and COMPUTER that are in a one-to-one relationship. The foreign key is EmpNumber in COMPUTER which references EmpNumber as the primary key of EMPLOYEE. Explain what must be done to convert the one-to-one EMPLOYEE-COMPUTER relationship to a one-to-many relationship where one employee can have more than one computer.