When of the following is a system default profile used?

A. When there is no user logged on at the computer
B. When a user has logged on using the Guest account
C. When, after the user has logged on, the personal or mandatory profiles are missing or corrupted
D. When the local accounts database recognizes that the user logging on has never done so from this computer
E. None of the above


In UTP Cat 5 wiring, patch cables from the wall outlet to the PC have a distance limitation of

A. 1 meter
B. 3 meters
C. 6 meters
D. 9 meters
E. None of the above


In which of the following cable systems are T connectors and terminators are used?

B. Token Ring
C. Thin Ethernet
D. lOBase T
E. None of the above


An ethernet switch works at the protocol layer

A. True
B. False


You want to keep an individual from logging on to a Windows NT Server computer by using the default Administrator account. How should you do this?

A. Delete the Administrator account
B. Lock out the Administrator account
C. Rename the Administrator account
D. Disable the Administrator account
E. None of the above