Which of the following statements is false?

A. the technique of storage compaction involves moving all occupied areas of storage to one end or other of main storage
B. compaction does not involve relocation of programs
C. compaction is also know as garbage collection
D. the system must stop everything while it performs the compaction
E. None of the above


Interprocess communication

A. is required for all processes
B. is usually done via disk drives
C. is never necessary,
D. allows processes to synchronize activity


Which of the following functions is(are) performed by the loader

A. allocate space in memory for the programs and resolve symbolic references between object decks
B. adjust all address dependent locations, such as address constants, to correspond to the allocated space.
C. physically place the machine instructions and data into memory.
D. All of the above
E. None of the above


User-Friendly Systems are:

A. required for object-oriented programming
B. easy to develop
C. common among traditional mainframe operating systems
D. becoming more common
E. None of the above


Which of the following addressing modes, facilitates access to an operand whose location is defined relative to the beginning of the data structure in which it appears?

A. ascending
B. sorting
C. index
D. indirect
E. None of the above