• Datatypes - General Questions

Which of the following does not store a sign?

A. Short
B. Integer
C. Long
D. Byte
E. Single


What is the size of a Decimal?

A. 4 byte
B. 8 byte
C. 16 byte
D. 32 byte


What will be the output of the following code snippet when it is executed?

    int x = 1; 
    float y = 1.1f;
    short z = 1;
    Console.WriteLine((float) x + y * z - (x += (short) y));

A. 0.1
B. 1.0
C. 1.1
D. 11


Which of the following statements is correct about the C#.NET code snippet given below?

short s1 = 20;
short s2 = 400;
int a;
a = s1 * s2;

A. A value 8000 will be assigned to a.
B. A negative value will be assigned to a.
C. During arithmetic if the result exceeds the high or low value of the range the value wraps around till the other side of the range.
D. An error is reported as widening conversion cannot takes place.
E. An overflow error will be reported since the result of the multiplication exceeds the range of a Short Integer.


Which of the following is the correct size of a Decimal datatype?

A. 8 Bytes
B. 4 Bytes
C. 10 Bytes
D. 16 Bytes
E. None of the above.