• Why do you want to work at our company? -
HR Interview

Points to remember:

  • Assume, now you are sitting in front of the HR manager.
41. Anya said: (28 Aug 2016)  
I want to work for your company as I see a different attitude among your companies employees a good working environment and I also enhance my skills here.

42. Kunal Sinha said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Because, I want to start my career with a good company and it's always a great chance to showcase and utilize skills in a company like yours. Comm

43. Aarbi Shirin said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Sir, Your company is a flagship company, I think it is the best platform to learn the innovative thing and enhancing my skills. If I get a chance to serve your company, I will pur my heart & soul into my work.

44. Michael said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Subjected to E-Commerce. Sir, I am totally aware of the whole process in the previous company where I worked in Flipkart. I choose your company because it's the world's giant reputed e-commerce company I think this is the best platform to enhance my Performance.

45. Ashok Kumar said: (28 Aug 2016)  
I want to start my career with good and best company because I want to work in a good environment and I have to maintain my surrounding people with a peaceful mind and a confidential mind. So, that I like to join your company as it is right to start my career in this company as it was one of the famous and best company. Comments:Vedavyas : Nice answer.Vyas : Good answer bro.Jumana : Best answer bro.Sanjana %