• Why do you want to work at our company? -
HR Interview

Points to remember:

  • Assume, now you are sitting in front of the HR manager.
26. Usman Malik said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Sir, Actually I'm interesting in financial work and healthcare as well and the company also working in my desiring way, so I think it's better to place for me to work with this company, and as I now the manager of this company from computer science stream. So it makes me easy to grow soon. And one important thing is that the company is my dream. Why shouldn't I join this? If you offer me this company and gave a chance to work with this. And antoher imprtant aspect is that it's near to my home. And home sicknes is the bad thing in me which makes me more attarctive to copany.

27. Rucha said: (28 Aug 2016)  
The values of your company match the values that I carry with myself. So that's going to give me job satisfaction.

28. Vijayp said: (28 Aug 2016)  
According to your company, they require accurate performance from an employee in quick time. So that's it. I have another challenge to prove myself in your company.

29. Vikash said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Honestly, I say joining a good company like yours will boost my technical skills and even it would be a good platform to progress in my life.

30. Amol Deep Tyagi said: (28 Aug 2016)  
I want to do something different in my field and your organization is the best platform to achieve my goal and this is also beneficial for your organization growth.