• Why do you want to work at our company? -
HR Interview

Points to remember:

  • Assume, now you are sitting in front of the HR manager.
11. Tisha C said: (28 Aug 2016)  
I would like to work for your company because this company has made a great impact in the banking industry. Not only have you helped and built a great clientele but you have also given back to the community. The majority of my career has been in the banking industry and I would like to contribute my knowledge and skills within a company that is built on reaching higher goals while doing what's right for the customers all at the same time. Comments:Surya : Nice answer.Preeti : N

12. Ahmed Sherwany said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Sir, it is great for anyone to work in a big, famous and well-reputed company like yours.

13. Prem Prasun said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Sir, for growing our technical skills we have to need a working platform. And your company provides a good platform for boosting technical skill. So I want to join.

14. Candy said: (28 Aug 2016)  
Because I want to develop the skills and I want to learn new technology from your company employees.

15. Sunil Singh said: (28 Aug 2016)  
I'll prefer to work in your company because it suited my professionalism. And more I'm passionate to work with this technology. It was your company sir/madam where I've got this opportunity to enhance my knowledge into deep.