• Biology - Section 1

Oxyreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases and ligases are all classes of

A. hormones
B. enzymes
C. proteins
D. vitamins


Mutation is

A. a factor responsible for plant growth
B. a change which affects the offspring of F2 generation only
C. a change that is inherited
D. a change which affects the parents


Pollination by wind is called

A. anemophily
B. hydrophily
C. zoophily
D. entomophily


Pollen grains in plants are produced in

A. roots
B. leaves
C. flower
D. stem


Nitrogen is fixed in ecosystems in ways stated below. Which one of the statements below is false?

A. By cyanobacteria
B. By electrical discharges in the atmosphere
C. By industrially synthesised fertilizer
D. By denitrification