• Biology - Section 1

Ramapithecus and Cro-Magnon man are considered

A. ancestors of modern man
B. ancestors of monkey
C. ancestors of lion
D. None of the above


Plants wilt due to excess of

A. transpiration
B. photosynthesis
C. absorption
D. None of these


Monotremes are unique mammals because they

A. posses hair
B. give birth to live young
C. secret milk in a pouch
D. lay eggs


Poison glands of snakes are homologous to

A. electric organs of fishes
B. stings of rays
C. sebaceous glands of mammals
D. salivary glands of vertebrates


Plant bends towards the source of light on account of the movement of curvature known as

A. geotropism
B. thigmotropism
C. chemotropism
D. phototropism