• Biology - Section 1

Most fish do not sink in water because of the presence of

  1. swim bladder
  2. air bladder
  3. air sacs
  4. air in spongy bones

A. I and II are correct
B. II and III are correct
C. III and IV are correct
D. I, II, III and IV are correct


Plants synthesis protein from

A. starch
B. sugar
C. amino acids
D. fatty acids


Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their

A. embryonic zone
B. growing point
C. root hairs
D. zone of elongation


Photo-oxidation is

A. photorespiration
B. photolysis
C. light and oxygen induced breakdown
D. All of the above


Process of cell division can take place by

A. heterosis
B. fusion
C. mitosis
D. None of these