Convert the CHARI h#000F, s assembly language instructions into hexadecimal machine language:

A. 0111EF
B. 9001E6
C. DA000F
D. 40


The table created by lexical analysis to describe all literals used in the source program, is:

A. Terminal table
B. Literal table
C. Identifier table
D. Reductions


Advantage(s) of using assembly language rather than machine language is/are:

A. It is mnemonic and easy to read
B. Addresses any symbolic, not absolute
C. Introduction of data to program is easier
D. All of the above


The action of parsing the source program into the proper syntactic classes is known as

A. syntax analysis
B. lexical analysis
C. interpretation analysis
D. general syntax analysis


The task(s) of the Lexial analysis phase is/are:

A. to parse the source program into the basic elements or tokens of the language
B. to build a literal table and an identifier table
C. to build a uniform symbol table
D. All of the above