A PCMCIA measuring 10.5mm is what type?

A. type 1
B. type 2
C. type 1 and 3
D. type 3


What component would most likely cause a "parity error"?

A. bad hard disk
B. bad controller
C. bad RAM
D. bad software


Whenever you have a hardware resource conflict, it will more likely be an IRQ conflict rather than an i/o conflict because:

A. there are a lot more I/O addresses than IRQs.
B. the BIOS sometimes has more of a problem controlling IRQs
C. I/O addresses cannot conflict
D. software tends to correct I/O conflicts


You have just installed a new internal PCI modem on you desktop. It will not dial out. what is the problem?

A. The port speed is set too high
B. the modem has not been set up in control panel properties
C. the phone line is plugged into the line-in port on the modem card
D. the phone line out of the wall is plugged into the phone port on the modem card


After you service a laser printer, you notice dirty print. Which of the following would correct the problem.

A. Clean the developer tank
B. Reset the printer
C. Run several blank pages
D. Clean the laser diode